Server Status
PVP x1200 & x7 8769
HELIOS x1200

HELIOS x7 9.2.2017
20:00 UTC +2 Europe
15:00 UTC -3 Brazil
12:00 UTC -6 Amerika
Come and bring your friends

Full HELIOS Server, is the ONLY Private Server with real GOD Game Mechanics and off-like formulas, wich was made during 5 years of hard works and countless tests, our team of developers built our own, one of a kind, server wich is entirely made by us, beeing developed by our team of developers entirely.

The server rates are uniquely designed to fit a high end PVP orientated server, to make players enjoy EVERY aspect of the game, pvp , pve , mass pvp, clan wars for various rewards, pvp for raids and much more, high end game content for instances, mobs designed to fit end game environment and more.

The Experience rate is carefully tune for high end game play for our own game environment, just as are the Enchant and compound rates.

This is the only Server with OFF LIKE HELIOS features and all game mechanics.

- Mesmerizing System
- Ability System and Hidden Skills activated by them, added
- Physical and Magical accuracy / evasion relation formulas working off like GOD mechanics
- All Skills working and updated to GOD HELIOS
- Debuff land rate dependency on wit, according to GOD mechanics

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