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PVP x1200 & x30 8652
Grand Crusade x1200

30.6.2017 Start new Grand Crusade x1200
12:00 UTC -6 Amerika
15:00 UTC -3 Brazil
20:00 UTC +2 Europe
OBT launched

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Dear friends!
Finally, we are pleased to announce the opening of the first European free to play Lineage 2 Helios & Classic 2.0 Saviors Server. We are ready to open doors to those who want to feel the real Classic style. The world, where you have to battle with your friends. Where Lineage newcomers will always begging for your help. The world, where you will have a chance to show your courage and perseverance! Can you survive all that awaits you on this Epic Adventure? Are you trully a SAVIOR?

Show Us! We believe in you!
We are waiting for you in our World

- Weekly updates, quick fixes of bugs
- PvP Community Board (alt + b): GM - Shop, teleportation, GM-Buffer,
- 4 profession without a quest
- All skills, skills, improvement options 4th Prof.
- R-R99 armor and weapons
- Full realization of 4 professions (reincarnations - 34 classes)
- All Skills working and updated to GOD HELIOS

Based on official Grand Crusade / Classic 2.5 ZAKEN platform with all known problems fixed up to date. We will keep updating our Server up to the current Official Server and we already begun to develop a Grand Crusade & Classic 2.2 with it's features.

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